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Please understand that we want our horses to go to loving, caring, knowledgable homes. We have a no/kill slaughter contract that must be signed. It is very helpful to provide prof.references and also to maintain a relationship with the rescue after the adoption so that we know how the horse is doing..Our fees are more than reasonable ,payments must be made before the horse leaves the property. We kindly ask that you respect that! Our goal is to match you with the right horse ,so that it doesnt end up coming back in a few months which is very stressful for the horses. We advise you to come several times BEFORE making a commitment. Our fees range from around 500$ and up depending on the horse.Most importantly it is imparitive that the horse is given time and patience when changing enviroments,we will give you the infomation about dietary req.any past lameness issues,health problems,worming,shoeing and trims and *fitness level* and also turnout vs stabling. 


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Hours by appointment only!                                  Monday-Friday 9:00-8:00 Saturday 9:00-5:00  CLOSED SUNDAYS


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